Feed Shed

Feed ShedThe Feed Shed

The Feed Shed in Pocklington offers a wide range of pet, horse and poultry supplies.

Our home delivery service is popular with livery yards or people just wanting to stock up.

Colin is happy to deliver straw, hay, shavings and feed every Tuesday and Friday for free to postcodes within a five mile radius or a small charge applies to cover fuel.

There is a minimum order – please contact us with your requirement and your postcode.

We stock a wide range of horse feed, supplements, hardware, bedding as well as small bales of good quality hay and straw.

Our feed can include:

  • Spillers
  • Allen & Page
  • Dodson & Horrell
  • Baileys
  • British Horse Foods
  • Dengie
  • Shavings
  • Megazorb
  • Easibed
  • Youngs

Poultry & Stock
Our customers include people who have a couple of pet hens for the children to the more serious smallholder.

We stock poultry food, feeders, drinkers, supplements and organic wormers, goat, pig and stock feed as well as the following:

  • Farmgate
  • Spillers
  • Allen & Page
  • Fancy Foods
  • GM Free / Organic Feed
  • BATA
  • Split Maize
  • Oyster Shell Grit
  • Custom built hen coups and runs made to order

Poultry Feed





We cater for all types of dog owner from pets to working dog; offering both wet and dry food plus dog chews and treats, including:

  • Vermex Organic dog wormers
  • Bakers
  • Royal Canin
  • Breederpack
  • Supadog
  • Hills
  • Burns
  • Beta
  • RedMills
  • Dr Johns
  • Wagg
  • Arkwrights
  • Gelert

Wild Birds

For those of us who enjoy looking after our bird life, we offer a wide range of bird food, available in various quantities.

These include:

  • Wild Bird Seed
  • Niger Seed (excellent for attracting gold finch)
  • Sunflower Hearts (avoids having husks in the garden)
  • Peanuts
  • Black Sunflower Seeds
  • Superior Wild Bird Seed
  • Suet Pellets

We also stock fat balls and other bird treats, a selection of nut and seed feeders in various sizes.

Cat & Small Animals

We stock wet and dry cat food, cat litter, gravel, wood pellets and paper along with cat trays and mats.

A number of customers have special requirements, including Maine Coon, Siamese or Hills.  Our small animal area consists of guinea pig, hamster and rabbit food in various quantities.  We offer:

  • Supa rabbit muesli
  • Supa rabbit excel (pellets)
  • Supa guinea excel (pellets)
  • Supa guinea muesli
  • Golden guinea
  • Herbage
  • 10 kg bags of hay and straw