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Childrens Parties

Host Your Childrens Party at the Smile Cafe

Our family-friendly play cafe is the perfect place to have a party!


Smile Cafe can be hired for exclusive use for 1.5 hours, Monday to Saturday from 4pm and every Sunday afternoon from 1.30pm. A wonderful children’s soft play party – ideal for under fives!
Smile Cafe offers Paint-a-Pot Parties for 1.5 hours, Monday to Saturday from 4pm and every Sunday afternoon from 1.30pm. A fantastic way to celebrate a child’s birthday and suitable for over fives.
Smile Cafe offers Build a Bear Parties for 1.5 hours, Monday to Saturday from 4pm and every Sunday afternoon from 1.30pm. A lovely way to celebrate a child’s birthday and suitable for most ages.
Party with Noodle, a minature Shetlands pony who doubles up as a Unicorn! Enjoy 1.5 hours, Monday to Saturday from 4pm and Sunday afternoon from 1.30pm. Suitable for most ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a Party?

By telephone, we need to go through a party booking form with you.

What deposit is needed and when do I pay it?

50% deposit is required to secure your party booking, the remaining 50% to settled on the day.

What time are your parties?

Monday to Saturday 4pm

Sunday 1.30pm

What is the maximum number of children for soft play?

Although insured for more, we recommend 20.

Can older children come?

At private parties, yes.

How do the timings work?

Generally there will be 30-45 minutes of play, painting,creating a bear or meeting Noodles – after this the party food will be served. Once children have eaten enough we will then bring out their bun. They then tend to back to play. Then the cake will be brought out and everyone sings happy birthday!

Can I have the cake cut up?

Yes you can have the cake cut up and put in the party bag or they can eat the cake then put the bun in the party bag – whichever you prefer.

What time can I arrive?

15 minutes before the start of the party.

How long does a standard party last?

1.5 hours, after this time the staff need to get cleaning up straight away, if appropriate weather, you are welcome to go outside for a play.

Can I have longer than this?

Yes you can, the cost is £15 per half an hour.

What happens if I have paid the deposit then had to cancel my party?

Unfortunately, you will lose your deposit. It’s likely that we have had to turn another party away.

What if there are children with allergies?

We need to know about this before the party so we can accommodate.

What if I don't have 12 children coming?

The food that we use is healthy and of high quality, butcher ham, real cheese, proper sausages so adults can eat the party food or if not we will ask if you would like to take it home with you.

Can I take the bear straight away?

Yes it’s your bear.

When will the pots be ready?

We say give a two week turnaround.

I have only 8 children, but would like to cater for the adults, is this possible?

Yes we can create an adult buffet to suit you and your budget.

It's not a birthday party but just a get-together for parents, is this possible?

Yes we can discuss your requirements to suit.

Some Of Our Happy Partygoers

We held our daughter’s 2nd Birthday party at Smile Cafe and it was PERFECT! The whole party ran smoothly and this was down to the organisation of the staff! The food was fresh and plentiful! There was even spare food for the adults to nibble on. The softplay was clean and perfect for our age of children (we had a range from 1 to 4). We were allowed to use the outdoor play area after the party and we spent another hour exploring the play equipment. I would highly recommend Smile Cafe for a 2nd Birthday Party.
We had my little boy’s 1st birthday party here and we had a great time. The staff were so accommodating and friendly. They had thought of everything so we could enjoy the party with everyone else knowing things were taken care of. Food was plentiful and fresh. The room and soft play was the ideal size. We have been to the cafe before so knew what to expect but the party still exceeded our expectations, mainly down to the staff – thank you so much, a lovely time had by all.

Get in Touch

For further information and to book your party, please call Jo on 01759 305420 or 07970 620132. You can also drop us a line below - this is for enquiries only and is not a booking.

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