Party children first choose what animal that they would like to create, there is a wide range including unicorns, snow leopards, rabbits, bear, monkeys, frogs, turtles, puppies, cats, tigers and dragons – please note that we cannot guarantee that all of these are available at any one time. Children unpack their bear, decide what they would like to call him/her – then, using acrylic pens, set out designing its t-shirt. They then start gently putting stuffing in to their bear, legs first. Once thet get the body finished, it’s time to make a wish, complete the birth certificate with name and date of birth.


Party invitations are included. Plus, a selection of party food, to include cheese & ham sandwiches using brown & white bread, grapes, cherry tomatoes, carrot & cucumbers sticks, low-salt sausages, a selection of children’s crisps and a homemade bun. If you would prefer to have different sandwiches or specific bread, please do let us know. We need to know about any children’s allergies.
Cafe open to serve your guests with drinks and snacks.

£16.50 per head with minimum of 8 children


Birthday Cakes

Cakes are available to order in vanilla or chocolate –  or even an icecream cake – two days’ notice required.



Ice Cream

Ice cream available at extra cost

Extend Your Party

If you would like a longer party, you can pay for additional time.

£15 per 30 mins

Get In Touch

For further information and to book your party, please call Jo on 01759 305420 or 07970 620132. You can also drop us a line below – this is for enquiries only and is not a booking.